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Welcome to Blessings Geriatric & Wellness Homes

Feel the magic of care at Blessings Geriatric & Wellness homes!

We understand that finding the proper care for your loved ones can be a challenging and emotional decision, and that's why we're dedicated to providing exceptional care and a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment for seniors.

From personalized care plans and round-the-clock nursing support to social and recreational activities, we strive to create a home-like atmosphere where seniors can thrive and enjoy their golden years.

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Age gracefully and

live happily!

A Suitable environment

Nature is essential in maintaining a happy vibe. Our surroundings are full of greenery, fresh air, and natural light, making our facility perfect for relaxing or recovery!

Care for overall well-being

Our geriatric and wellness homes have all the required amenities to care for the residents' overall well-being with a particular focus on their social and wellness needs.

Recreational activities

Activities like yoga, drawing, carrom, puzzles, group exercises and meditation are great ways to keep your mind and soul healthy. Our interactive and recreational activities will help you to stay fit and healthy.

Dementia care

We understand that Dementia can be very difficult for the person suffering and their loved ones. Our compassionate staff will help you cope with dementia and minimize its adversity.

Hospice care

We prioritize your comfort. Our team will care for you and do everything necessary to help you live with dignity. We have built an environment full of compassion and consideration.

Trained and supportive staff

We don't want to treat you like 'residents' but as our family. And so we ensure every member is trained and can be courteous and caring at all times.

Voices of Gratitude:
Heartfelt Testimonials from
Residents of Our Elderly Care Home

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What is
Our Speciality

Medical CheckUp

Our nurses keep a check on the vitals of each resident, thrice a day. Any minor fluctuation is reported to the Doctor and the health and overall well-being of the residents are managed efficiently. We arrange for medical checkups and diagnostic tests, as and when required

24/7 Emergency Care

Our staff is trained to deal with emergencies and care for the residents around the clock. We have built a network with nearby hospitals that provide advanced medical care.

Comfortable Rooms

We provide a comfortable living environment with all amenities. Our rooms are adequately furnished and have all the necessary facilities for the residents.

Professional Team

care and support




We offer various services to support those who need assistance with various health conditions. Our staff is trained to provide the best care and ensure our residents' safety and well-being.

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Our comprehensive service plan includes everything our residents need. With our personalized approach, we ensure our residents receive exceptional care.

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We believe fun and joy are integral to a happy and fulfilling life. Our recreation program includes yoga, meditation, exercise, games, and celebrations.

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